PT. Casadron Indonesia

Techno Park Industrial Estate,
Kav. A-5, Bumi Serpong Damai
Tangerang 15314
Tel: (021) 756 0946
Fax: (021) 756 0947

Our Services

  • We dedicate ourselves to clean indoor air from harmfull & hazardous organics. Such powerful device has received recognitions by many institutions with medical background, and other public related organizations, only to proof it's functionality as an air purifier.
  • Sold more than 30000 units, Casadron is now the no.1 air purifier in Germany. Gradually penetrating ways, expanding distribution to the worldwide market. Contributing better health to people's life by removing dangerous substances from the air we breath each time.
  • All around the world casadron has shown it's existance & acknowledgement by our users. We strive ourselves to be as close as we possibly can to our units, which are installed & spread through areas in different countries.
  • With proper maintenance, a casadron electronic filter can last up until 10 years.
  • Each unit is professionally looked after & cleaned periodically in order to restore it's standard conditions.