PT. Casadron Indonesia

Techno Park Industrial Estate,
Kav. A-5, Bumi Serpong Damai
Tangerang 15314
Tel: (021) 756 0946
Fax: (021) 756 0947

About Us

CASADRON started in the garage of it's inventor Rudolf Guttmann back in 1970's. Officially made first debut in 1973 in a small town called Mühlacker located in a suburban area very close to Stuttgart,Germany.


38 years later, around 30.000 units are manufactured and distributed. mostly in german, expanding to nearby european countries such as United Kingdom, Spain, Morroco, Netherlands, Italy ect, some made it's way through to United States & New Zealand.


Along with globalization era, today, casadron decided to alocate it's production base to indonesia and expand more, aimming for asian countries and those located in the southern hemosphere.


Being recognized as the No.1 air purifier in Germany, Casadron intends to constantly grow and pursue to be the best air purifier in the world.