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Kav. A-5, Bumi Serpong Damai
Tangerang 15314
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Everyone Needs Clean Air

Yes , everyone needs clean air! and we have the solution, provided by CASADRON®.

  • CASADRON® AIR-CLEAN system can filter particles as small as 6 Nanometer from air
  • Cleaning volume 280.000 liter per hour
    Cleaning effect = 99,9%
  • Energy saver! Only with 41 watt, we can breath clean air all day!
  • Health and Wellness are are improving significantly.
  • For all fields of application, by using Electric Plasma Reactor Filter
  • CASADRON® cleans the air from pollutants: Dust, Particulate Matter, Ultra Particulate Matter, Toner, Carbon Black, Car Pollution, Diesel Exhaust, Bacteria, Pollen, VOC’s, Formaldehyd, PCB, Smoke Fumes, Allergenic Matter and many other particles with potential for a health risk, Backed up with recognitions from national and international Institutes.
  • Maximum performance per unit 280 cubic meter per hour
  • Maximum power consumption 57 Watt

CASADRON® air cleaning system for all interior

CASADRON® air purifiers provide clean air by removing particulate matters & VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) 24 hours a day, built with extreme durability for long time usage.